Betrigen Solutions

Think Green for longer battery lifespan

BS, pure Nano clean tech Israeli innovation


BS was founded  after elaborate research on green technology for used battery refurbishment.


Our company holds worldwide exclusivity agreements for manufacture, sale and marketing of the unique organic additives for battery life extension.


We provide an extended warranty, which is unique and achieved due to the use of our unique BS Technology & additive.


BS is working on upgrading the technology to be able to service the new generation lithium ion batteries


BS is a pioneer and global leader in the field of battery life extension and battery refurbishment. BS has developed an end-to-end innovative and unique solution, utilizing state -of-art technology and a combines an organic Nano green additive & Capsulate for life extension and refurbishment services of lead-acid batteries for various applications.

Our Solution

Clean Energy

We help reduce the negative environmental Impact associated with mass disposal of batteries

Cut Cost

Cost savings of up to 40% on your battery budget

Action Research

Restoration of batteries that would otherwise be disposed off with warranty .

Long-term Planning

Extended usage of your battery

energetic services & Solutions

BS consists of three main elements:

Coating the battery components with “BS Additive” fluid or Capsulate.

Implementing “BS-SRS” proprietary charging process

The Process for integrating the different components

Our Value Proposition

world class projects adapted to your community

Perform trials at no cost to satisfy client on the reliability of the technology. Technology comes with warranty equivalent to manufacturers.

BS BR technology is 100% recycle thereby ensuring no harm to environment. The technology allows for reuse of batteries hence reducing number of batteries disposed to the environment.

We handle and disposal of used batteries by collecting and refurbishment of the same, ready for re-use.

We collect used batteries from client warehouse and refurbish the same at our warehouse thereby reducing storage cost for client.

We reduce the overall battery cost for the client by up to 50% by allowing them to re-use our refurbished batteries.

Our Research

Key Market Segments and Size

Telecommunication Sector

The companies dispose
averagely 29,000 batteries annually and acquire slightly above that number given that averagely 600 new sites are put up annually.

Solar & Fleet Sector

The heavy fleet users consumes in excess of 100,00 batteries annually. The market is steadily growing with averagely 42,400 new units being introduced annually.

Industrial Sector (Traction)

 Applications are mainly for Electric Vehicles (forklifts, golf carts, pallet trucks), as power backups for industrial machines and data centers as backup. Common use if the 2V Traction batteries making up

Current Battery Brands in the Market

Chloride Exide

vision for the future

better, Cleaner and safer energy for our planet

BS has developed a unique advance technological solution that allows extending the life expectancy of batteries while providing as good as new quality and reliability for a significantly low cost.