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History of BS Company International

The company was founded in 2010  after elaborate research on green technology for used battery refurbishment.

Our company holds worldwide exclusivity agreements for the manufacture, sale, and marketing of unique organic additives for battery life-extension.

We provide an extended warranty, which is unique and achieved due to the use of our unique BS Technology & additive.

BS has multiple global partnerships in over 12 countries.

Our company facilitates technologies to support the life extension process.

In 2014, the company was purchase by MLP Poland.

BS is working on upgrading the technology to be able to service the new generation lithium-ion batteries.

About BS Tanzania

BS Tanzania is a franchisee of BS International with exclusivity to operate in the Tanzanian market

We operate in Tanzania as BS Tanzania and we are located in Dar es Salaam.

We focus on batteries used in telecommunication BTS sites, back-up batteries used data centers and solar batteries.

Our plant capacity is estimated around 2,400 units per month with potential for scalability based on demand.

Our company have expertise in battery refurbishment and maintenance in Tanzania and with the sole objective of ensuring clients get the best out of their batteries

BS allows the end user to refurbish old weak batteries at a price of 30% to 50% of a brand new battery, whilst enjoying the performance of new batteries with similar original warranty.

energetic services & Solutions

Our Solution

BS has developed a unique advance technological solution that allows extending the life expectancy of batteries while
providing as good as new quality and reliability for a significantly low cost.

BS consists of three main elements:

Coating the battery components with “BS Additive” fluid or Capsulate.

Implementing “BS-SRS” proprietary charging process.

The Process for integrating the different components.

BS Battery Additive/Capsule is a unique organic additive, developed by BS, stored in dry capsulate or as a liquid supplement formula that affects the battery as follows:

Creates a coating over the plates whilst increasing conductivity between them.

Cleans the crystals and extends the plate’s lifetime.

Preserves the acid quality and increase conductivity quality.

  • Enables full charge of the battery.
    Decrease daily charging duration.

vision for the future

about our philosophy

BS is a pioneer and global leader in the field of battery life extension and battery refurbishment. We have developed an end-to-end innovative and unique solution, utilizing state-of-art technology and a combines
an organic Nano green additive & Capsulate for life extension and refurbishment services of lead-acid batteries for various applications.

The cost of battery refurbishing is significantly lower than the price of a new battery and therefore allows a huge profit margin in a short period for the return of the investment of our franchisee.




Our overall and comprehensive solution is designed to significantly reduce the costs of battery expenses for battery-powered fleets (forklifts, golf carts), Transportation Fleets (ships, trains), Emergency and military machinery, UPS Fields, and of course Telecom operators BTS’s sites


We have facilities worldwide with a proven record of technology and business success in four continents and in more than a dozen countries. Our facilities are operated by local exclusives franchisees under a Turnkey Solution model.


installation & project development

Our process offers a proven full and complete solution resulting in top performance of our refurbished batteries.


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