Betrigen Solutions

benefits & features

Green Aspects

Clean Energy

Returning one of the most pollutant products to the circle of work.

Zero waste during process.

Recycling the entire battery component on site: sulfuric-acid, lead connectors, separators.

Dramatically reducing Hydrogen gassing.

Reducing electricity consumption.

No need of drainage subsoil.

Under ISO 14000, MSDS, COA, COC, EPA license


The solution offered by BS will help the client reduce its Environmental Impact in regards to the following points:

The “BS Additive” is 100% organic liquid/capsulate.

Using the BS solution reduces the amount of batteries used globally due to extended life-time.

BS recycles the lead and acid of the batteries without any waste on-site none sewerage systems in any of BS plants.

BS recycling all water sources used for cleaning & washing cells.

Conforms to EU Environmental requirements and standards.

Environmentally friendly MSDS. COC, COQ.
Under ISO 9001


Refurbished batteries in a similar quality as brand new batteries in a significant lower price (30-50%)

The possibility to receive continuance support and maintenance for a large amount of batteries for a relatively low cost and by that reducing the batteries budget by 25%-55%

A warranty for the refurbished battery similar to that of a new battery (free replacement)

All components are refurbished which eliminates the need for waste disposal

One Stop Shop services by BS

Project Consultancy

Our Proposal

Our Proof of Concept Proposal


BS Tanzania proposes to undertake a local POC for the client to prove technology viability and reliability

POC to be undertaken on official request by client either through a letter of interest or a POC agreement

BS Tanzania to bear the direct costs related to the POC

The proposal is to have the POC done in 2-3 sites

The batteries to be used for the POC to be collected at client warehouse

BS Tanzania to discuss and agree with client on the specific procedures for the POC in compliance with client site/ power management procedures as well as safety protocols 

Letter of Intent: Client to indicate willingness to deploy technology subject to pre-agreed terms and conditions

Proof of Concept (POC): Perform a POC for a select sites using batteries refurbished using the BS BR technology  .

Visit of similar plants: BS Tanzania at request of client may organize visit to plants offering similar services to clients in other geographies as part of benchmarking and to enhance client understanding of technology

Understanding of client technology and adoption and procurement process: Client to brief us on their processes for technology adoption and procurement procedures.

Pre-contract agreement: BS and client to enter into pre-contract agreement based on negotiations and agreements on commercial terms and service performance parameters.

Business model: Maintaining existing flow process of batteries – BS Tanzania will collect batteries from client warehouse for servicing and once refurbished deliver them back to the warehouse on demand or as agreed; basically maintaining a rolling stock.


Battery Refurbishment at a very low cost process with a huge profit margin.

Reducing the environmental Impact by extending the battery lifetime.

An attractive clean-Tec market with rapid growth globally.

A relatively short period for the return of investment. (R.O.I.)

A relatively short period for Break-Even Point.

A small-Mid initial business with a great growth potential under strict exclusivity.

Gradual and controlled business growth ability.

Worldwide support for all aspects of the business.

A Crazy Market Growth Horizon for the EV (Electric Vehicle’s) Battery (Lithium Ion and NiH.)

The BS allows the end user to refurbish old weak batteries at a price of 30% to 50% of a brand new battery, whilst enjoying the performance of new batteries with similar original warranty.