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BS Business Model

A typical battery manufacturer’s intention is to have clients purchase new batteries at the end of the warranty period without regard to cost to client and the environmental impact of disposal. The BS BR model therefore is premised on;

Allowing you to use your current battery for a longer period.

Reducing your battery budget by up to 50%.

Renew batteries to near 100% capacity as per Manufacturer (OEM) standards with an extended warranty.

Environmentally friendly since once battery can be serviced and reused twice hence reducing number of batteries disposed to environment.

Our Solution

Restoration of batteries that would otherwise be disposed off with warranty

Extended usage of your battery

Cost savings of up to 40% on your battery budget

Reduce the negative environmental Impact associated with mass disposal of batteries

The Problems We Solve

The four main reasons lead acid batteries lose of capacity & capability: 

Sulfatization over the lead plates

Dry-out and degradation of acid quality

Paste shading that leads to sedimentation at bottom of battery which shorts the plates

Corrosion & crystallization

About the BS Additive

BS Battery Additive is a unique organic additive, developed by BS, stored in dry capsulate or as a liquid supplement formula & acts by :

Creating a coating over the plates whilst increasing conductivity between them.

Cleans the crystals and extends the plate’s lifetime.

Preserves the acid quality and the conductivity quality.

Enables full charge of the battery.

Decrease daily charging duration.

The Process

BS has an enhanced the battery refurbishment process that consists of:
Removing old components of the battery (wastes).
Cleaning and restoring the battery components
under deep open heart surgery.
Adding the “BS Additive” in liquid or capsulate form.
Installing the renewed components into the battery.
Charging and discharging the batter y with BS-SRS advance Microprocessors Cyclers.
The entire process is environmental friendly.


BS unique functional equipment is an intelligent state of art battery refurbish systems – BS-SRS. The BS-SRS is a fully computerized control cycler with highly
desulfurization technology suitable for refurbish all types of lead-acid batteries. The advantages of the system are:
Charge & Discharge Heavy Duty Cyclers -parallel process under slow & strict desulfurization cycles durations.
Create separate boosting & equalizing & calibrations.
Individually control for each battery through the process.
Provides optimum battery recovery process.
Reduces the refurbish cycle by two -thirds.
Significant labor force savings increased safety.

Save Money by Saving the Planet

The technologic solution and the refurbishing process offered by BS leads to the following results.

Battery Refurbishment at a very low cost process with a huge profit margin.

Reducing the environmental Impact by extending the battery lifetime.

Saving around 30%-50% on batteries budget for the end user.

Proven technology and process for batteries refurbishment.

An attractive clean-Tec market with rapid growth globally.

A relatively short period for the return of investment. (R.O.I.)

A relatively short period for Break-Even Point.

A small-Mid initial business with a great growth potential.

Gradual and controlled business growth ability.

Worldwide support for all aspects of the business.

A complete environment friendly process, which reduces the environmental pollution of battery waste.

A Crazy Market Growth Horizon for the EV (Electric Vehicle’s) Battery (Lithium Ion and NiH).